It’s Official, the Christmas Season is Here

November 23rd, 2011 Posted in Uncategorized

I was walking home from choir rehearsal last night, in the pouring rain, and I noticed that the Christmas tree stands are up! (They’re on the left in this photograph.) If I walked by today I’m guessing there would be trees there now.

The question is: will I brave the Black Friday sales tomorrow? I’ve never participated in anything like this before. I hate shopping and I especially hate shopping when there are crowds. But I need jeans and apparently I can get them at Old Navy for $15 tomorrow. How is that even possible? $15 jeans?? It seems irresponsible to pass them up. Sigh. Being on a budget is a lot of work.

Christmas Tree Stand on 7th Avenue, New York City

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  2. By Nora on Nov 23, 2011

    The term “Black Friday” is just starting to be used here in Canada. It’s not as a big phenomenon as it is in the US. What we DO have, though, is “Boxing Day” and the associated Boxing Day or Boxing Week Sales AFTER Christmas. I generally stay away from those. Good luck if you decide to venture out on Friday!

  3. By Stacy Horn on Nov 24, 2011

    Actually, the sale begins today so I was thinking of giving it a shot, hoping that most people are home with their families.

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