A Thanksgiving Shopping Miracle

I needed new jeans. Old Navy was selling them for $15, but shopping on Thanksgiving is an insane idea, right?? I decide to chance it.

The store was almost empty. I try on a million different jeans, but they don’t have my first choice in my size. I take the second best ones to the cash register while this battle rages inside my head:

Are you just buying these just for the sake of buying something? Even though they are only $15 does it make sense to buy something you do not love? You have to get them hemmed so really, they’re going to cost $35. But that’s not bad. But now that’s $35 for something you don’t love. But, but, but these look great, and maybe the ones you liked better wouldn’t look as good, you don’t know, you never saw what they look like when they fit, you just liked the wash …

This dialogue continued as I got to the cashier and she started ringing them up. I was this close to saying never mind, I’m not taking them, when I noticed that she’s tried three times to ring them up. Finally she says, “These jeans are 97 cents. They must be from last season or something, but they are 97 cents.” I hand her a dollar. She hands me three cents back. Neither of us can quite believe that just happened.

There are now trees at the Christmas stand I photographed on Tuesday night. Here is a tiny one. (This is probably the top of a larger tree, isn’t it?)

Tiny Christmas Tree in fron on 9/11 Tile Memorial

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6 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Shopping Miracle

  1. I agree! That’s that the tailor charges at the cleaners near me. I don’t know where else to go.

  2. Oh, and thank you both for being excited about my deal! I was excited. It’s the little things.

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