Grimm vs Once Upon a Time and other Random Obsessions of the Day

The Higgs boson. Like a lot of other people, I’m waiting to hear the news from the CERN press conference this morning about whether or not they have found evidence for the Higgs boson. I don’t think anyone expects they have definitive evidence, but they must have something … interesting.

Update: Two experiments at the LHC (large hadron collider) found hints of the Higgs, everyone is very excited, but they need another year of data before they can yell “eureka!”

Grimm vs Once Upon a Time. I was wrong. Once Upon a Time is the superior show. It kept getting better while Grimm kept going nowhere. I’m sorry Grimm. By the way, the sidekick guy (the Blutbaden) should be the star.

The Christmas Spirit from a Jew during the depression. I read this story of kindness on the Smithsonian’s website (and it’s also a book).

Lowe’s pulling ads from the TLC reality show All-American Muslim. For the love of God. Either they’re a racist company or they’re like politicians who will switch positions, sacrifice their morals and integrity and say whatever they need to say to get elected. (I’m looking at you, John McCain.) Either ways, Lowe’s sucks, as do the people and groups that put pressure on them.

Yes, another cat picture. Except for swimming, I was home most of the day yesterday working on my book. Here is my little hoverer.

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3 thoughts on “Grimm vs Once Upon a Time and other Random Obsessions of the Day

  1. And here I’ve been watching Grimm instead of even considering the other and now it’s too late to know what is going on! I do love that Blutbaden guy and agree he is the star. I perk right up when he is called into duty. I’ll have to catch up on Once Upon a Time another time I guess!

  2. Oh no, I totally steered you and everyone else wrong. It’s not too late, there haven’t been that many episodes!

    And thank you Vivian. I was very happy with that shot. So direct.

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