YouTube Videos for the Choir Geeks

I was exploring YouTube not long ago, looking for videos of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, and I found this one which also has an audio recording of Vaughan Williams talking about editing an English hymnal (he was agnostic).

Oh look! Vaughan Williams is holding a cat! Another reason to love Vaughan Williams. Here you can see Vaughan Williams sitting on steps. More links below.

[Video removed because the link no longer works.]

This is Leonard Bernstein giving a speech I quoted from in my book.

Composer Morten Lauridsen talking about poetry and choral composition. Thank you, Classical Chops.

Composer Nico Muhly also talking about setting poems to music. Thank you again, Classical Chops.

I was looking for a video of Frank Damrosch, a conductor I wrote about, and instead found this one of his brother Walter Damrosch, who was also a conductor. I’m including it just because it’s so interesting. It was filmed in 1929 and he’s talking about hearing a recording of his orchestra for the first time. He also talks about “seeing” music, and they show the frequencies of the notes/chords he plays (it was filmed in the General Electric Laboratories).

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