NYC Teaching Residency and Fellows Programs

I’m applying for these two programs, and I went to a presentation about the Residency program last night and learned that they desperately need math and science teachers.

It seemed to me that in this economy there might be a lot of people with math and science backgrounds who might consider it. I was surprised at just how appealing I find the idea of teaching in low-income, high-need middle and high schools, but I do, and after learning more, now I’m dying to do it.

A resident from the program spoke about what she did and told the story of helping this girl, and as she talked I started remembering every teacher who ever said a kind word, or did something to help me, and how they changed my life. It’s a cliche, I know, but I’ve never forgotten one kind word or one gesture, every single one of them had that big an impact on my life. Maybe because, in truth, they were so rare. So many teachers in my past seemed to really hate their job, and us, I’m sorry to say. But I never give those teachers a thought. I was remembering the good ones, like the first one to say to me, “You could be a writer.”

“Imagine being that person,” the woman giving the presentation said, “and not just for one student, but for many of them. Over years.” God knows we need more mathematicians and scientists. You could be the teacher to make a difference between a so-so life for some kid, or one that puts them on the path towards creating computer chips using quantum mechanics or to finally come up a workable unified field theory. (And I will be the one who taught them how to write clear and concise papers about it all!)

Although there is an initial deadline of January 9th for early consideration, the final deadline is January 30th so you have time. The application actually doesn’t take long to do, so it’s completely possible to make the January 9th deadline. For more information, click here.

Poor sad unwanted Christmas trees. Used and then tossed aside.

Discarded Christmas Trees on Hudson Street

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