I Love Awards Shows

globes.jpg I’ve got my usual awards show dinner lined up: potato chips and onion dip. I’m set. This year I actually know someone who is nominated, and for a big one! We’re not good friends or anything, only acquaintences, and barely acquainted, haven’t seen him in years, but still. It will make it more fun. He was nice and I will have someone to root for.

Okay, back to Bridey Murphy research. Although it’s not as interesting as I originally thought. I think I will only include a couple of paragraphs about it. Does anyone know this story? A woman in Colorado was hypnotized in 1952 and a past life came forth, a woman named Bridey Murphy who had lived died in Ireland.

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2 thoughts on “I Love Awards Shows

  1. So did your acquaintance win?
    I have a connection to most of the major award shows, so boring or not, it’s always fun to watch.

  2. He didn’t! But there was a nice long shot of him when they announced the nominees. And there’s still the Oscars. And his movie won for something else, and the person thanked him.

    But it definitely made it more fun, having even this small connection. What is your connection (if you don’t mind saying)?

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