Kitten Wars of Yore or Weirdest Cat Pose Ever

I started compiling a list of cat websites and blogs to prepare for promoting the ebook of my memoir Waiting For My Cats to Die, and this caused me to go back to the website Kittenwar! In 2005, I’d posted the shot of Finnegan below, thinking no one could possibly beat this picture both in terms of cuteness and in weirdness.

I mean, look at it. Finney was on top of the armoire and I caught him just as he stuck his front paws down and his hind legs up and stretched. How is a cat pose like this even possible?? How can his back legs do that?

Here’s how he has done in the Kittenwars he’s entered into since. He’s won more than he’s lost, but still. I guess this is more weird than cute, but I still think he looks pretty adorable.

Weirdest Cat Pose Ever

Stacy Horn

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3 thoughts on “Kitten Wars of Yore or Weirdest Cat Pose Ever

  1. It IS an adorable picture of Finney.
    I went to the Kitten War site & had a look at the LOSINGEST kittens. They all seem to be either those hairless cats, or Siamese cats, or a combination of both. Poor little things! I have a couple of friends who have supermodel thin Siamese cats and it’s all I can do to stop from saying “Don’t you think he/she could use a cookie?”
    Anyway, Finney is gorgeous.

  2. Those toes! And the fact that the whole picture looks like a Gauguin composition makes this one of the Best. Cat. Photos. Ever.

  3. Thank you!!!!!! I really love it too.

    Nora, those poor losingest kittens! I love the hairless cats and siamese too. Both are extremely intelligent and more loving and interactive. They’re almost like dogs.

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