One World Trade Center Progress

I thought I would show how One World Trade Center is coming along. The comparison view is not the same alas, but you get the idea. I took this yesterday from the cemetery behind St. Paul’s Chapel. You can see the different by comparing 1WTC to the building on its right.

One World Trade Center

This was in August, 2011.

One World Trade Center aka the Freedom Tower

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2 thoughts on “One World Trade Center Progress

  1. I think that unless you’ve stood right in front of it, it’s hard to appreciate the staggeringness of this building. It’s really wonderful. Please keep posting pics.

  2. I was initially opposed to this site being built as it is, because I loved the twin towers from the time that I was a kid. I watched the world trade center being built back in the sixties, and had a fondness for it. The new world trade center is going to be awesome, and I think that Minuro Yamasaki would be proud of what has been done, and what this site will look like when it is finished.

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