Dental Implant Diary – Bone Graft Coming Up

I’m doing the bone graft on Thursday. This part scares me. They cut open your gums, stuff in cadaver and artificial bone, sew you up, and hope for the best, which is that you grow some bone. I’m expecting the most blood and pain and swelling from this part of the process. But I also suspect that like getting my two teeth extracted, it will be fine.

They asked me to get a ct scan prior to Thursday though, because they’re concerned about the amount of bone I’ve lost over the years and they want to avoid any blood vessel or nerve during surgery. That was a little nerve-wracking to hear.

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Stacy Horn

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One thought on “Dental Implant Diary – Bone Graft Coming Up

  1. Stacy-
    If your bone graft goes as well as mine, you will be fine indeed! I was very surprised at how little discomfort I felt and how quickly it healed and it took, last I knew at least. I don’t think I even took any pain meds. Good luck!

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