World Science Festival Webcasts

This is great! Some of the events at the World Science Festival are going to be webcast, the schedule is here. I want to watch this one tonight at 8pm:

Quantum Biology and the Hidden Nature of Nature
John Hockenberry, Paul Davies, Seth Lloyd, and others

Can the spooky world of quantum physics explain bird navigation, photosynthesis and even our delicate sense of smell? Clues are mounting that the rules governing the subatomic realm may play an unexpectedly pivotal role in the visible world. Join leading thinkers in the emerging field of quantum biology as they explore the hidden hand of quantum physics on the scales of everyday life.

The battery on my camera died while I was out today so here is yet another picture from my trip out to Brooklyn on Monday. (You’d think I was on a safari or something.) A working gas lamp!

Gas Lamp in Brooklyn

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