My Camera is Broken. Again.

Christ, these Canon G9s are delicate flowers. This is the third time this camera has broken. Buying a new camera costs more money so every time this happens I make the decision to repair it, and I should get a new camera already but the truth is I kinda love the damn thing. The techs don’t work weekends at my repair place, which means no one is going to even look at it until Monday.

I take pictures every day! How am I going to survive??

The statue of the Virgin Mary pictured below is a casualty from the Paring Down Process that is integral to my annual Spring Cleaning. Every year I have to get rid of a certain amount of stuff or my apartment starts to feel uncomfortably cluttered. We’ve been through a lot together though, Mary and me. Someone else had gotten rid of her roughly 36 years ago, when I found her and picked her up off the streets of Cambridge, MA, where I was going to school. Since then I’ve been carting her from place to place every time I’ve moved. She’s survived college, grad school, marriage, divorce, countless jobs, starting a business, five books, I could go on.

She was an interesting conversation piece too, because I’m not religious. “So, what are you doing with a statue of the Virgin Mary,” people would ask. I was raised catholic, I’d explain. I don’t believe but I still take comfort in and enjoy the beauty of religious iconography. But Mary has been falling apart for a while now, and leaves a pile of plaster dust wherever she sits.

Usually when I put something down on the street it’s gone within ten minutes. Mary was still around when I came back hours later. Thankfully, by the next day someone had decided they wanted her. I hope. Maybe the building super out her in the garbage. But I am going to chose to believe someone took her home.

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5 thoughts on “My Camera is Broken. Again.

  1. You need a Panasonic Lumix (repeat after me, Panasonic Lumix . . .!) It has a Leica lens and I’d put up my snapshots against Canon and Nikon any day and say the quality is equal if not better.

    Go look at today’s snapshot on my blog. No special lens attachments; just standing on the patio using the extended zoom.

  2. And $200 cheaper than your Canon G9.

    Go to Adorama over on West 18th and ask them for their opinion. I bought the FZ150 from their website (they had the cheapest price) and got it here to Greensboro in two days.

    Every camera I’ve had has been a Panasonic and the photos have always been superb. I think they are underrated as they don’t advertise like the other two.

  3. Thank you. But your camera is a serious camera I can’t afford right now. I swear though, next windfall, I’m getting it! I pass by that camera store all the time, by the way.

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