Rio+20: Richard Black is Freaking Me out. Plus, Gamma Ray Bursts.

But please read his article about this month’s Rio+20 summit, which I have just heard about for the first time, which is a problem right there. From the piece:

Among the report’s “low-lights” are:

– air pollution indoors and outdoors is probably causing more than six million premature deaths each year.

– greenhouse gas emissions are on track to warm the world by at least 3C on average by 2100.

– most river basins contain places where drinking water standards are below World Health Organization standards.

It’s a short article. It takes a minute to read.

Another thing that is freaking me out now—gamma ray bursts. These are the result of explosions in space. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s comment about gamma ray bursts possibly happening nearby:

“I don’t want to be around for that day.”

I was watching a show called Last Days on Earth, and according to how it was depicted on the program, the worst part was that death from a nearby gamma ray burst would not necessarily be instantaneous. It looked like we’d all be slowly cooked to death, and I actually spent time trying to figure out how I would kill the cats and myself to end our suffering more quickly. I could jump off the roof, but the cats could survive that.

So yeah. Have a nice weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Rio+20: Richard Black is Freaking Me out. Plus, Gamma Ray Bursts.

  1. I have always been darkly fascinated by “end of the world” scenarios. And attracted to such movies. My next Netflix DVD is entitled, “Supernova” and it’s about the imaginary results of a supernova in a nearby galaxy.

    Have you seen the movie, “Melancholia?” It’s about an undiscovered planet closing in on the earth. But it’s SO much more than just a disaster movie: there’s lots of philosophical reflection about life/death. The special effects are outstanding, as is the premise that government would NOT tell the truth about such an event. And indeed, one of the characters does commit suicide before the event.

    And lastly, have you seen the documentary: Cropsey? It’s part cold case, and part exploration of urban myth…but all based on a factual case on Staten Island.

    Links, if you’d like to read more about these:



  2. I love Melancholia, it’s a beautiful movie (although sad). I thought that movies was extremely well done, very moving.

    I haven’t seen the others, but one of the detectives from my cold case book worked on one or two of the cases connected to the guy in the last one you listed! (A lot of detectives did.)

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