Evening Swim

I went out for a walk last night to see if I could catch some filming of the show White Collar, which was supposed to be happening a few blocks from where I live. But there was no filming to be had, and I made the HUGE mistake of wearing jeans and when I got home I was way over-heated.

I decided to go for a swim. The City gym I go to has a “Night Owl Swim,” from 7 to 8:30 and I’ve always been curious about what it might be like to swim in the evening. It was quite lovely. Unfortunately, they stopped the swim at 8:15, when it starts to get dark, defeating the whole purpose of a “Night Owl Swim.” I wanted to see what it was like to swim with the night sky overhead. Still, that hour had a nice feel to it. The only downside for me was, the night swimmers are very serious swimmers. No one talked to each other. I like the more social morning and afternoon swims.

I took this in the meat market, after my White Collar disappointment. That’s the High Line, and the Hudson River in the background, and I think Sex and the City shot an episode at Pastis. I think it might have been in the last episode.

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