The Kills Book Signing aka It’s Official, I’m Old

I walked by a long line of young people lined up for a book signing on the block before my apartment. “Who’s signing books?” “The Kills.” “Uh-huh. Thanks.” Had to google them when I got home. The kid knew I had no clue.

I’m taking Buddy to an oncologist in the morning. I tried to resist this step, but I just know I will never forgive myself if I don’t explore every option. Goodbye savings. In the meantime, I am a wreck and a zombie.

People on line for The Kills book signing. The pulled back view below.

The Kills Books Signing

By the way, this is happening at the Marc Jacobs bookstore. Yes, you heard right. The Marc Jacobs bookstore. I’m sure they would never in a million years stock any of my books, but that’s okay. They specialize in art books mostly.

The Kills Books Signing

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2 thoughts on “The Kills Book Signing aka It’s Official, I’m Old

  1. Thinking of you and Buddy especially for his appointment tomorrow. I know how emotionally exhausting it is to have a desperately sick feline roommate. Let us know how the oncologist’s assessment goes…we’re all pulling for you both and here for you.

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