One World Trade Center on 9/11/12

Back from the World Trade Center site. Got a few decent shots of the building I will one day marry, and one of a woman in front of the fence around St. Paul’s Chapel.

World Trade Center 1 9/11/12

World Trade Center 1 9/11/12

There were all sorts of people standing in front of the fence that surrounds St. Paul’s Chapel, truthers, various religious groups, etc. This woman was my favorite, although there were singers that were kinda nice. They were from that religious group, the one where the women wear the Little House on the Prairie dresses. I forget who they are. Oh hell, I’ll include a picture of them below. Someone will surely identify them.

St. Paul's Chapel 9/11/12

St. Paul's Chapel 9/11/12

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7 thoughts on “One World Trade Center on 9/11/12

  1. The group are Mennonites, an off-shoot of Old Order Amish. The women and men dress modestly (those are prayer caps on the women), but they use modern devices, drive cars, have electricity, etc.

    Being from Ohio, I’m familiar with both sects.

  2. Mennonites maybe? I watched some of the saved videos I’ve had from eleven years ago and can’t imagine the emotional impact it must have had for you and other New Yorkers on that day and for this anniversary. I was so disappointed that the network TV broadcasts didn’t devote any really appropriate or significant commemorative tributes to such an important day for all of us…I think we all felt so united then and still do…we lost our privileged innocence then as a country, and so many innocent citizens lost their lives.

  3. Thank you both for naming the group, that was going to bug me.

    I was okay that tv has moved on. Downtown, for the first time, the naming of the names wasn’t broadcast so all could hear. I thought that was okay too. Which videos did you save? I saved an online conversation a bunch of is had that day, as it was unfolding. It starts from when the first plane hit and as the day unfolded and we learned more.

  4. I saved both People and Time magazines memorial issues from that week, but they disappeared during my move to my house in 2002.

    Can you post that discussion online or is it too personal (you know, none of my damn business)? One of the first things that alerted me to the attach was the Internet connection going down at work because so many people were trying to access it and at the time, the business I worked for only had a dial up connection, not the T1 that I have now.

  5. Nora, thanks for posting that link. I read the entire chat…how awful that must have been for those in NYC! The live chat words truly captured the shock, horror and utter fear of those there, as well as the entire country.

    I was home with my late husband; we were actually packing for a vacation when we heard the news. Decided quickly NOT to go on vacation…riveted to the TV remainder of day.

    A devastating day in every American’s lives.

  6. I wasn’t in that conversation much because I spent most of the day on the roof, watching with my neighbors. It was as horrible as it’s ever gotten for me. My neighbors could see the jumpers. I guess I could but I couldn’t tell debris from people. God, what a terrible sentence.

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