Bleeck Update

It’s been fun watching Bleeck try to get closer and closer to Finney in the exact way I am trying to get closer and closer to him. Yesterday I was miserable because Bleeck wouldn’t let me anywhere near him. He was all, put down the food and be gone. But today I’m allowed to pet him.

Finney, who couldn’t be in the same apartment with Bleeck, then room, has allowed him to get steadily closer. Actually, this is how he and Buddy used to sleep together. They never curled up, but they’d have to be on the couch or bed or floor together.

The difference is, Buddy and Finney would play and fight without hissing or any real damage. Finney still won’t let Bleeck get near enough to play. OH! But today, Bleeck went up and started eating out of Finney’s food bowl and Finney didn’t kill him. I was in shock. He just let him.

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7 thoughts on “Bleeck Update

  1. Look how small he is! Animals are so fascinating. I loved Melinda’s comment about her cats and the ear grooming incident. I suspect something similar will be happening on that couch sometime soon.

  2. Great news Stacy! It’s progress…just tolerating each other in the kitty realm can be. That’s such a sweet picture…they’ve both got some adjusting to do…little Bleeck to figure out how he fits into Finney’s territory and for Finney to decide to accept him. Looks as if an accommodation is underway.

  3. Finney’s doing so good! I’m proud of him.

    This situation of you trying to get closer to the cat who’s trying to get closer to the other cat…seems like an allegory for human relationships. We’re all busy trying to get close to somebody, not noticing someone else is trying to get close to us. That sounds depressing as hell but the more I think about it the happier it makes me–nice to know while you’re putting yourself out there someone else is doing so for you, etc. etc. Or something like that.

    Mainly: I’m glad everyone’s adjusting. And I LOVE the name Bleeck. After Bleecker St.?

  4. I’m reading the body language and Finney and little B are so cute together. Thayer are already a pack.

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