His Name Might be Bug

Which would mean that I’m unable to think past names beginning with “Bu.” But that’s what I’ve been calling him so far. Bug. Poor guy. I tried to think of musical names for him, like Dolce for sweet, or Piano for quiet, which I kinda like, but his nickname would most assuredly become Pi, pronounced Pee, and that wouldn’t do.

He hid yesterday, so even though he doesn’t want me to come near him, being out in the same room with me while I took this photograph is progress.

I’ve still got him closed off in the bedroom. Finney hisses at the door, so he knows the intruder is in there. The little guy squeaked back though, so it seems he wants to go out there and check the hissing monster out.

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20 thoughts on “His Name Might be Bug

  1. Awwww…what a sweet little boy! Wait until he gets his first pigeon visit at the windows! I’m sure, given some time, Finney will accept him.

  2. Gorgeous cat! And lucky. It’ll be an adjustment for Finney, but fairly sure they’ll end up being pals.

    I have 3 indoor cats — Slinky, Bitty Kitty and Shadow. I inherited Shadow from my great-niece, since they could no longer keep him. He’s a long-haired cat, beautiful…and my other two cats were slow to warm up to him.

    My great-niece also found a lost kitten, which stayed here a few weeks while I searched for owners. Never found them, but did find another home for the kitten. My two older cats (plus Shadow who is 3 years old) were freaked out by the kitten. In fact, Bitty Kitty actually tore the screen in the sun-room to get out, away from the kitten.

    One of my girlfriends in high school had two Siamese cats; they were loud talkers! Sometimes on the phone with her, I’d hear what sounded like a baby crying — it was one of her cats.

  3. So beautiful! Reminds me of the sweet, mouthy siamese I grew up with, Leon!
    So happy for you and Finney!

  4. What a beauty! Both of my Siamese boy cats were absolute sweeties; I bet you he will win your heart and vice versa in no time.

  5. You know how I feel about Siamese cats — my favorites. He’ll be fine and Finney will relax eventually. He’s a beauty!

  6. After a big glass of wine here (hey…it’s almost 5’oclock), I’ve got a name to suggest, beginning with “BU”. How about “Button”, as in “cute as a…”. Okay, pretty lame, but in actuality, he IS. Hope adjustment progress is moving along.

  7. Bug is one good looking cat. I made his photo as big as I could on this iPad and looked into his eyes and this is what it looked like he was saying (with his eyes): “I’m a tiny bit nervous right now but really excited, too. I think I’m really going to like it here.”

    He’s a lucky guy.

  8. I like Button! And I like big glasses of wine !

    Stacy, if you don’t claim Button for this cutie then I claim dibs.

  9. Button is cute, but I’m trying to come up with something … I don’t know, something that comes from him somehow. I kinda like Vincent Nigel-Murray.

    We’re making progress. Finney couldn’t even be in the same room with him and now he’s letting the kitten sit within a few feet of him. No closer though for now.

  10. Great you found a hansom cat!

    As they say, its not us who find and keep cat,but it’s cat who seeks out for their mate.

    Yesterday I had to say no for a new kitten. We are moving to new home tomorrow and the time was just not good for him.

    So your new guy found you alright.
    And I’m sure you’ll have fine days.

  11. Hi Stacy,

    This is a name that is far beneath the dignity of so noble a creature as a cat.

    If he were my cat, I would name him Gideon.

  12. Another name suggestion which occurred spontaneously here this afternoon when Bela jumped up on a counter where I was preparing a salad and knocked the bowl on the floor…how about “Bugger”? Until today, I never knew I had that expletive in my vocabulary.

  13. Our old girl Phoebe was 17 when we adopted young Chico, three months after Phoebe’s littermate Pongo died. Chico fell madly in love with Phoebe and followed her all over the house with his face buried in her neck. Phoebe would hiss and slap him on the head.

    One night after we had Chico for about a month, he was pestering Phoebe as usual. She grabbed him around the neck and we thought, “Oh no, she’s gonna kill him!” and got ready to separate them…and she started cleaning his ears. They were inseparable for the next three years.

  14. Oh, I hope something like that happens. Currently, I’m calling him Bleeck, (for Bleecker). It’s fun to say.

  15. You must tell us the story of the turn around from feeling like you wouldn’t get a new cat in order to let Finney be solo in his old age.
    My vote is for Bug. It was my nickname for my old dog Bobby. It spawned all sorts of nick-nicknames: Doodlebug, Dudes, Bizzy Bee, but was usually simply The Bug. Plus, “Finney and The Bug” sounds like a movie I would go see.
    Congratulations. I am so happy for you!

  16. I was in pain all the time. I cried throughout the day and just felt that ache all the time. I remembered the last time I only started to heal when I got Buddy.

    My vet pointed out that my cat who was so miserable when I got Buddy was older and very sick. Finney is in much better shape, so she thought it might not be so bad for him. We shall see. But he doesn’t seem miserable. He seems indifferent.

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