To the Future: I’m Sorry

I watched this TEDx Talk about climate change and for the love of God. Our lack of response to this issue is insane. Honestly, it’s criminal and unforgivable.

Why this has to be a left/right, democrat/republican issue is even more inexcusable than the way things have evolved with gun control, where at least I can see the cultural divide.

I don’t understand how people with families can sit by and do nothing. Your grandchildren are going to suffer. It’s like we don’t care about the end of the human race. I know some politicians must know this, they must be at least somewhat aware that even the few remaining scientists with more conservative positions about climate change are one-by-one accepting how bad it is, and yet they stick to their party’s platform in order to stay in office, perhaps saying to themselves, “It won’t be quite as bad as they say, and in any case we’ll rally and do something about it later.” But watch this video. The speaker addresses that line of thinking.

Good cat sign: Sometimes Finney wants to be on my lap and Bleecker is already there. Instead of going away he tries to see if he can fit somehow, without touching Bleecker. He can’t. On this occasion I picked him up so he could curl up with me without technically laying next to Bleecker. I tried to get a picture using the computer’s camera. I call this: Two Tiers of Cats.

Look at those faces. In that moment my cats were the cutest cats in the world. Every moment there’s a contest, and in that moment my cats won. Congratulations boys!

Stacy Horn

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4 thoughts on “To the Future: I’m Sorry

  1. Ha! Cute pix. Wish I could get one of my two indoor kitties; they dislike each other immensely, but tolerate being near one another on the sun porch.

    When they come inside at night, they both vie for the best place on me as I lie on the sofa. It’s hilarious to watch them: Bitty gets on my stomach, then Slinky inserts herself carefully between Bitty and my chin!

    Personally, I think it’s a jealousy thing.

    The same behavior happens with my two dogs. If I am petting Oscar, Rambo will come over, sit up for a belly rub…trying to distract my attention away from Oscar.

    Ah, though, it’s nice to be so loved!

    Yeah, ditto on the lack of attention/action on environmental problems.

  2. Meant to tell you a few days ago how much I loved and laughed over this picture. Finney has such a “pleading” expression on his face and Bleeck looks so “put upon”. Glad the integration for these two is progressing though.

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