We’re Resting

April 5th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

One of us is has a mouth full of stitches, is swollen and Frankenstein-like and therefore afraid to look in a mirror. Two of us are riding on the other’s must-rest-all-day coattails and demanding their share of soft food treats. But the surgery went well. I’ve gotten two different time-frames for when I can start work on the bridge though. I must be done by the end of June!

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  1. 4 Responses to “We’re Resting”

  2. By Karen on Apr 5, 2013

    Hope all went well and you are not too uncomfortable! Relax and recover!

  3. By Stacy Horn on Apr 6, 2013

    Thank you! It wasn’t too bad, plus I’m a little used to it now.

  4. By Lisa Gould on Apr 7, 2013

    What an ordeal you’ve had with this dental business! Hope you heal up quickly and without any more problems. Soon you’ll be eating whatever you want!

  5. By Stacy Horn on Apr 15, 2013

    Sorry for responding so late, but thank you!! I am healing more quickly than the last two times.

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