Warm Bodies

Last night I watched the movie Warm Bodies, and I am just stunned I haven’t heard a lot more about this movie. I felt so good by the end of the movie it was like I had just won something really fun, like a bazillion dollars and a puppy. A trip around the world and the perfect haircut.

Why wasn’t everyone talking about this when it was at the movies?? First, it was seriously funny. I don’t want to give examples because I don’t want to take away one laugh, one unexpected moment of pleasure from anyone. Oh god, there are two jokes in particular I’m just dying to share. One of which came from Rob Corddry. Oh Rob Corddry. Can I just … have him? Rob Corddry please be my zombie best friend. Both he and Nicholas Hoult, who was the zombie main character, deserve a special Oscar for portraying such believable emotion while only being able to grunt for much of the film. This has to be seen to be believed.

Just go. Just … just go. Okay? Go. I was going to say more but I don’t want to give anything away. It’s a lovely film. It’s filled with heart, humor, charm. Having a bad day? GO. Having a good day and want that good day to be even better. Go. Oh wait, I guess at this point I should say: rent.

I walked through a street fair a block from me on Perry Street and guess who was everyone’s favorite fair-attraction? This little guy. Want to feel as good as man in the picture? Rent Warm Bodiesβ€”the best zombie feel-good movie you’ll see all year.

Puppy on Perry Street, New York City

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2 thoughts on “Warm Bodies

  1. That’s an interesting recommendation. I would never have thought what you wrote about that movie. I remember it being advertised, briefly, when it was in cinemas. The ads did not instill in me a desire to see it. Now I shall keep a look out! Thanks. And thanks for no spoilers. And the puppy photo! Looks like a little Jack Russell. My husband has been talking a lot about getting a Jack lately… I think I’ll get him the movie instead. πŸ™‚

  2. Did you ever see Shaun of the Dead?

    The guy told that woman the dog was a dachshund, or part dachshund. But in any case, I’m on your husband’s side!!

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