New York City Fireworks, 2013

July 5th, 2013 Posted in Uncategorized

I almost missed them. I fell asleep and woke up a minute before they started. Luckily, I live close to the river and I could just run up to the roof and watch them from there. But when I came back downstairs and saw on tv how great they looked from the river I made a vow: next year I will go out and watch them from the street.

There’s a downside to that, especially if it’s hot, and when the fireworks are on the east side it’s very hard to find a spot where your sightline isn’t blocked in some way. But I will always remember the fireworks for the anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. I was able to get right down on the river, to be almost underneath the display. I’d never be able to do that now, post 9/11, but I might be able to experience something like that night. The fireworks were mind-blowing and they were right there. Everyone around me, we were all just so happy and blown-away, surrounded by explosion after explosion of color and beauty. I was young and excited by my life (I still am mostly, but I have worries now that I didn’t then). To be right down in the midst of this glorious display, it was a metaphor for how I planned to live my life.

It wouldn’t be the same of course, but I think I could have something like what I had that night.

Fireworks, New York City, 2013

Fireworks, New York City, 2013

Fireworks, New York City, 2013

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  1. 6 Responses to “New York City Fireworks, 2013”

  2. By Lucy on Jul 5, 2013

    Great shots!!!

  3. By Stacy Horn on Jul 5, 2013

    Thank you!

  4. By Adrienne on Jul 6, 2013

    Untouched surrealism with the magic of a digital camera. These are poster shots!

  5. By Lucinda Williams on Jul 7, 2013

    Just… Wow!

  6. By Stacy Horn on Jul 7, 2013

    Thank you and thank you!!

  7. By Stacy Horn on Jul 7, 2013

    I was afraid because someone was tweeting how all the fireworks photographs were boring and I knew what she meant. After a while it got to be a bit much and I was adding to it.

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