Cute Animals and People at Adoptapalooza

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals sponsors an adoption event every year and I went and I just kept circling all the booths, looking at the animals, unable to tear myself away.

This was inside the cat tent. I guess that one woman didn’t like the smell. It was actually pretty slight, and considering how many cats were in one small space it was astounding how little it smelled. OH! I have a cat smell story. I’ll tell it tomorrow.

Pit bulls have that look of longing down. I gaze into a pit bull’s eyes and I’m, “Okay, whatever you want, it’s yours.” The sweetest faces in the world.

This dog just adored the woman holding him. True love. She was a volunteer so I don’t think she’d be taking him (or her) home. But I hope he/she got adopted. There was something especially endearing about this dog.

I was so focused on the dog I didn’t look at this guy, who is giving me quite the expression. I love his tshirt! Isn’t that a great tshirt? And what a beautiful little dog. I want him too.

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2 thoughts on “Cute Animals and People at Adoptapalooza

  1. What gorgeous dogs/cats! Yes, dogs know how to work that “Help me & I’ll love you furever! look.” And even when you do adopt them (as I have 3 now) they still know how to show the “I love you,” look. My latest, the chipin Muffin, actually “pouts” when she doesn’t get her way. Will go to her bed in my bedroom, and look at me with such a piteous expression…

    You know, I now have 3 cats and 3 dogs — and I was supposed to be NOT getting anymore pets! Sigh.

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