Implant Update

I notice that people who search on “dental implants” sometimes find their way to my blog because I was posting about my own implant process so much for a time. I don’t know how typical my case is, but basically everything the dentists tried to do didn’t work so I’m not getting an implant after all, and instead I’m getting a bridge.

Quick backstory: A childhood mishap with my brothers when I was 9 led to me breaking one of my front teeth and getting a cap. I’ve been slowly losing bone in that tooth over the years and a couple of years ago they pulled that tooth and the one next two it. The plan was to get an implant and a fake tooth anchored to that, but I needed more bone in that spot, something to drill the implant into. I had a bone graft, it failed. I had another bone graft, that failed. I had gum surgery, that mostly failed.

They were suggesting another gum surgery when I cried, “That’s it. No more. I give up.” They agreed with my decision, it turns out. So, next week they start work on the bridge.

Not a very interesting story, I know. Here is a cottage in Fort Tryon Park. It’s lovely, but the downside is that it’s at the edge of a public park so you’d have people like me gawking all the time.

Fort Tryon Cottage

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