Finding My Favorite Christmas Shows

I looked for listings for all my favorite Christmas shows, and unfortunately, most of them are not airing. I could see a lot of them on Hulu or YouTube for $$$, but somehow that takes the fun out of it. I’m not sure why.

But I found enough to make me happy. I’ve already seen the Bones episode, The Santa in the Slush. The two Sports Night Christmas episodes are airing today!! (The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee and The Reunion.) The Newsradio episode Xmas Story is on YouTube for free, and the Grey’s Anatomy episode, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, airs on January 6th (a post holiday treat).

I’ve got a holiday party to go to later tonight that I’m looking forward to. The hosts are two sisters who have lived in the Village forever—they grew up here, and one of them used to be my neighbor. In fact, another of my other former neighbors used to be one of their babysitters. They have a wonderful array of interesting, very likable friends and they asked me to bring music for singing! Oh yeah.

Tiny Christmas trees. These must be the tops of bigger trees, which makes me a little sad. Were entire trees sacrificed to make these desktop versions? Or maybe the trees were damaged and this was what they were able to salvage.

Stacy Horn

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2 thoughts on “Finding My Favorite Christmas Shows

  1. Lots of Christian denominations celebrate Christmas on January 6 (“Little Christmas” or Epiphany, and other names) so January 6th isn’t too late! Kind of nice to spread it out over a couple of weeks!

    Merry Christmas, Stacy & The Boys. Thanks for everything you do. I always love reading about your life in NYC.

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