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I’ve been emailing links to my TEDx talk about singing in a choir to choir directors, and getting mostly lovely responses back. I recently heard from Theresa Woody, who hosts a show called Choral Showcase on WDAV, (Saturdays at 5pm). She’d already read my book and had nothing but good things to say about it so of course I LOVE Theresa Woody! She is also the music director of UU Fellowship of Lake Norman in Davidson, NC, which is why I emailed her the link. Her plan for next Saturday’s Choral Showcase, April 26th:

Hear My Song: Music For Remembering The Holocaust

Today’s offering observes Yom Hashoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day. Mostly choral, with a few selections for instruments and for solo voice too, today’s mix honors and remembers the victims of the holocaust, especially the artists and musicians whose work—and lives—were cut short. Little-known composers such as Carlo Sigmund Taube and Viktor Ullmann are featured, along with works by Gorecki, Landowski, Partos and Avni.

A pretty door, I forget where, but perhaps Gramercy Park? It looks Gramercy Park-ish.


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One thought on “WDAV – Choral Showcase

  1. I used to live at One Gramercy Park and 13 is just a few doors away on GPS next to the Players Club. Always liked its sweeping view windows. Good pick for today as some say it’s Shakepeare’s 450th birthday and Edwin Booth , founder of The Players in 1888 was said to do a pretty good Macbeth. Mark Twain and General Sherman were cofounders, though not theatre people. They would have loved your book. I sure do.

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