Cara Swann Has Been Busy!

Former reporter/editor Cara Swann, who stops by here from time to time, has made 11 of her books (novels and short stories) available on Amazon. They are all Kindle editions and since I still live in the dark ages I can’t download them! But according to her author page on Amazon, her “fiction is dark romantic suspense influenced by Southern and English Gothic stories with similar elements to Ann Radcliffe, Phyllis A. Whitney and Victoria Holt but adapted to modern-day 1970 through 1995. Also a few crime/suspense novels influenced by Elmore Leonard.”

It looks like Season of the Serpent, is selling the best. Congratulations and good luck Cara! Her books are generating feedback like, “This book was absolutely a page turner that I couldn’t put down,” and “Swann’s prose is effortless and conveys the story beautifully, flowing from one believable scene to the next.” (The second quote was about The Secret of Crybaby Hollow.)

Cara’s blog is Mad, Mad, World.

I was browsing through the New York Public Library’s digital archives and came across this picture of the NYPD Glee Club at the 1939-1940 New York World’s Fair. I love that stuffed reptile in the background (although poor reptile).


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5 thoughts on “Cara Swann Has Been Busy!

  1. I bet that is a statue in the background – no reptiles were harmed! I say that because it looks like a chameleon and they are pretty small, plus the leaf on the branch looks proportionately the right size to a small chameleon.

    That is pretty interesting that the NYPD had a glee club! They don’t appear to have one any more. I wonder how long it lasted?

  2. Yeah, I realized that later, that that thing is too big to have once been real!

    I’m surprised they don’t still have a glee club. I suspect there are a lot of singers among their ranks.

  3. Maybe the fictional “NYPD Choir” referred to in “Fairytale of New York” was really the “NYPD Glee Club” but those words just didn’t rhyme!

  4. Thanks for your post about my e-novels. Most of my novels were written back in the 80s/90s, and several were published via an early e-publisher. However, that publisher went out of business. They were just sitting on my hard drive, so I decided to make them available.

    I consider some of those novels still works-in-progress, since I’m planning new covers at some point. I also have several more to get online, but not working too hard right now. I doubt I’ll ever publish in print though.

    I remember when I read your book, “Waiting for My Cats to Die.” I was so impressed. And the wonder of the internet is that now I can communicate with such a great writer!

    Thanks again.

  5. Cara, I think it’s so cool that you are making all your books available like this. (And thank you for the compliment, and it sounds like you are a great writer too.)

    Nora, I thought about that too. I remember reading that they didn’t learn that the NYPD didn’t have a choir until they made the music video for that song. And I remember thinking that I thought they used to.

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