Spring Cleaning is Done, Today I Bask!

My annual spring cleaning complete, I will now retire to the couch with magazines and lots of tv and marvel at the spectacular spotlessness around me.

Every spring cleaning I choose one home improvement type task. Last year it was a huge one, I had the apartment repainted. (Shudder.) This year I’m having the seat cushions on my couch refilled. Here’s my concern: it’s a down feather couch. I bought it before I was as aware of animal cruelty as I am now. No way I’m refilling it with feathers. Some places collect the down while the birds are still alive! My God, we are a horrible, horrible species.

But I’m afraid that the foam I’m getting instead will be too hard. The softer foam won’t last as long, they said, so I went with the denser foam. Nervous!

Here are Finney and Bleeck, who seem to love the sheets I used to wrap up the old, naked cushion stuffing the couch guy left behind. Notice how close they are. Almost touching!


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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning is Done, Today I Bask!

  1. I envy you your cleaning. I need to hire someone to gut my place and haven’t the courage (yet). I have all this “perfectly good stuff” that I don’t want to see go to a landfill and yet it has to go. I don’t know who to give it to and no car to get it there. But no worries, no need for advice – I will figure it out when it is the right time! I’m thinking women’s shelters and the Salvation Army for most of it.

    As for foam cushions, you are right – after sitting on feathers, the dense foam will seem incredibly weird. Try to think of the new cushions as something completely different. If you keep comparing them with the old ones, you will hate the new ones. It’s like if you enjoy black coffee but one day, you get it with cream and sugar. Just think of it as a completely different drink (don’t call it ‘coffee’) and you should be okay.

  2. Now I’m even more afraid! I’m already planning to put them on the floor and to walk and jump on them every day to soften them up.

    Yeah, spring cleaning gives the best feeling in the world when it’s done. I love paring down and de-cluttering.

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