Exposed: A History of Lingerie

As I said, I’ve decided to make this my birthday week and every day I’m doing some fun thing in the city. I forgot to mention, it has to be free or very close to free. For instance, I went to the Met on Monday, but at the Met you can pay whatever you like so I paid a dollar. On Tuesday I went to the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).

Speaking of FIT, I’ve always wondered why they are not the ones associated with the show Project Runway. Not that Parsons isn’t deserving but FIT is strictly about fashion. I just googled it. Tim Gunn was the chair of fashion design there when the show started. I love Tim Gunn. (One must never lose an opportunity to praise Tim Gunn.)

The show currently at FIT is all about lingerie. They wouldn’t let me take pictures inside the show but I was allowed to take pictures of the garments outside in the lobby. This was designed by a recent graduate, Vianna Occhino. The picture is not capturing the glittery elements in the skirt.


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