With all due respect, shut the hell up John McCain.

June 13th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

The mistake, the crime, was going to war in Iraq in the first place. Don’t compound it. For the love of God, you’re like a wind-up doll squeaking “War! War! War!” as the answer to every problem.

It’s a terrible mess, I agree, but it’s a complicated mess and there’s absolutely no evidence that stepping in at this point will help, and a lot of evidence to indicate that it might make matters worse. They have to fight it out, we have to deal with the aftermath and whoever is in charge. We can’t control the world.

Walking back crosstown through the East Village last night. Every place that had a tv had the World Cup on.





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  2. By michael on Jun 13, 2014


  3. By Stacy Horn on Jun 13, 2014

    Ha! Thanks for the Amen!

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