Three Day Birthday Week Deficit

For one reason or another I missed three days worth of birthday treats. That cannot stand. That must be made up! I hope to make it to Free Music Fridays at the Folk Art Museum, a free tour of Grand Central which is given by the Grand Central Partnership, the American Museum of Natural History which is also pay as you wish, where I will wish to pay a dollar (except you still have to pay for every “special” exhibit and for the Planetarium) and a movie.

I walked up too late to get the story of this greyhound, but I gather he was a rescue. Who is very curious about horses. He had that irresistible mix of “I want to check you out” and ” NO, NO, I’m scared” and the horses were very gentle with him. They did everything they could not to spook him. They were absolutely sensitive to the fluctuations of his courage.


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2 thoughts on “Three Day Birthday Week Deficit

  1. Horses and dogs – can it get any better? I assume those are police horses. If NYC ever plans to get rid of its police horses, please protest! Ottawa did that some long time ago and has been the poorer since. Even small Kingston, Ontario has a part-time “mounted unit” (i.e. one guy and a horse).

    Here is something that will charm you, even if you may have seen it before.

  2. They are police horses! I got another shot of them the other day which I’ll probably post. I’m sorry you lost your police horses. I love hearing the “clop clop clop” outside my window.

    And I hadn’t seen that before, I love that video. I loved that the dog knew to lay down, that it would make him non-threatening and the cows would approach!

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