The Loser’s Lounge at Midsummer Night Swing

Last night the Loser’s Lounge performed at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing. I thought it was supposed to be all ABBA, but it was ABBA and disco. Not my favorite genre, although I like some pieces within it.

Lincoln Center was filled, of course, with people from NYC’s swing dance scene. I used to be part of that scene. Every night, somewhere in Manhattan, a swing band is playing and people are dancing. Whenever you’re in the mood to dance you can find a place, you just follow the party.

Loser's Lounge at Midsummer Night Swing

It’s a very fun and friendly crowd and seeing them brought back memories. Like how the women wore skirts specifically because of the way they twirled up, and how no one would ever turn down an invitation to dance for any reason unless they were genuinely tired and taking a break.

Loser's Lounge at Midsummer Night Swing

The dance floor. It was pretty packed but there was room to move.

Loser's Lounge at Midsummer Night Swing

Lots of people were dancing outside and all around the dance floor, where you didn’t have to pay. There were couples of pretty much every possible variety. A perfect world in Damrosch Park.

Loser's Lounge at Midsummer Night Swing

Another shot of the dance floor. I danced once, when they sang Abba’s Dancing Queen. There’s a law that you have to get up and dance whenever that song is played. I couldn’t break the law.

Loser's Lounge at Midsummer Night Swing

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