National Dance Day Comes to NYC

For the past few years Nigel Lythgoe, who created the best reality tv show ever, So You Think You Can Dance, has sponsored what he calls National Dance Day. They create a few routines and upload instructional videos, people around the country learn them, and then on National Dance Day everyone dances them together in various parts of the country. This year it falls on July 26th.

There’s never been anything in New York until this year. Now it’s going to be part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors and people are going to gather in front of the fountain and dance the routines. What a fun spot to dance! I can’t think of a single friend who will want to do this with me though. No matter. I’ll see if I can get someone to film me doing it.

I just checked my blog to see if I ever took a picture of the fountain and I found this. You don’t see the whole thing unfortunately.

Fountain at Lincoln Center, New York City

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