Is Project Runway punking us?

August 11th, 2014 Posted in Uncategorized

Or maybe they’re the ones getting punked. I couldn’t understand Sandhya winning the first time, but this second time was just plain nuts. Does Tim Gunn still have a blog? Because I want to know what he really thinks of her design for the future. I simply cannot believe that he sees it as anything other than a bad Halloween drugstore costume. I looked. I don’t see a blog for Tim.

For the record, I am thoroughly charmed by Sandhya. I love that she got a great husband through an arranged marriage. How often does that happen? They were so sweet together though. It was so adorable when she was showing her house in the first episode, and she said, “This is my husband, pretending to work in the background.” Then he chirps up, “Hi from me while I pretend to work here in the background,” or something like that. It was very cute. I hope I like her work more in future episodes.

Miles Swum So Far in City Lap Swim Contest: 39 + 3 laps. The contest for swimming the most miles ended last Friday. I wasn’t able to swim the last few nights of the contest, but I should be able to find out tonight if I finished in 2nd place. I’m pretty sure I did even with the missed nights.

Another shot from my night at Lincoln Center, watching Mark Morris’s Acis and Galatea. (That person on the lower right looks happy to be there too.)

Mark Morris, Acis and Galatea, Lincoln Center, New York City

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  1. 2 Responses to “Is Project Runway punking us?”

  2. By Jane on Aug 12, 2014

    I love Project Runway and have to agree with you on this one. I did not think they were going to like Sandhya’s dress either. Wish I had had time to go to the fashion district and many other areas while I was in NYC. Have you met up with Dan again?

  3. By Stacy Horn on Aug 14, 2014

    No, but he just emailed! So, eventually!!

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