Time Warner’s Insane Interface Design

Time Warner has changed their interface again. As usual, for the worse. It used to be to delete a show you’d highlight it, hit delete, and when asked if you really wanted to delete it you’d select “yes” and you were done. Then they changed their interface and added more steps. They just did yet another re-design and now here is what you need to do to delete a show.

– Highlight the show.
– You’re taken to another screen where you need to highlight the show again.
– Then you have to scroll over to the right and choose delete show.
– Then you have to highlight the show AGAIN. (Seriously?)
– Then you have to scroll back over to the right and choose “delete selected.”
– Now you’re asked if you really mean it and you can select “yes”.

Time Warner is just messing with us, right? Why Time Warner, why?? That said, I am looking forward to the Roadrunner speed upgrade.

Here is Michael Cerveris (I still miss Fringe) at the Loser’s Lounge last night singing Baby’s on Fire. I have an old camera which is actually a great camera in many respects (a Canon G9) but it does not do well indoors or at night or in any kind of low-light situation. Cerveris is very charming. He did an amusing little pyrotechnics theatre involving babies and fire.

Michael Cerveris at the Loser's Lounge, New York City, October 17, 2014

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