Christmas Tours in New York City

A friend of mine and fellow writer Brett Leveridge has a walking tours business called Avenue and Alleys. He’s starting a Christmas walking tour on November 28th which will go until December 24th. The man is Christmas and New York obsessed so I can think of no better way to spend 90 minutes strolling through the city. He’s very funny too, and I just happily found one of my favorite radio pieces he’s done. He’s the first one up on this episode of This American Life. It is SO worth listening to, and then you’ll see why I recommend doing his tour.

The Christmas tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which I joyously sang next to one year with my choir). I think I’ll just go back and sing next to again. Until someone stops me.


Stacy Horn

I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Tours in New York City

  1. Thank you for posting the clip! This: – is lovely writing! So funny, so true.

    Now I’m listening to the second piece. I love the concept of the kindness of strangers. I’m working on a theory that it’s reciprocity more than altruism that motivates us, even if we can never have even the expectation of return.

  2. I LOVE Brett Leveridge and am so glad he’s doing something like this (and so jealous of people who get to go to or who live in NYC and can join his tours)! I wondered what he was doing these days–for some reason I just re-read his book “Men My Mother Dated” and it made me laugh again, even though I’ve read it several times.
    Will you go on the Christmas tour?

  3. Hi Stacy; I finally got around to reading Imperfect Harmony. Loving it! I’m not a musician and don’t know any of the music, so after each chapter, I visit youtube to find out what each piece sounds like. Just finished O Magnum Mysterium (I’m now obsessed) and see that you’re singing it in your concert this year. Sigh; I’m stuck in Wisconsin so will miss it. I’m an ex-NY-er (born in Commack) and so lurk around your blog to see your photos of the city (just read about your concert at the museum in this photo-how wonderful to sing there). Anyway, thank you for your lovely book; I’ve been excited to discover new music and been weeping tears of happiness at the beauty of some of the pieces. Music really does uplift and calm the soul. I’ve recommend your book to 2 people who are ex-choir singers. Maybe they’ll return to their choirs. Happy Thanksgiving! Lisa

  4. Oh wow, thank you so much for saying so!! And for recommending my book! That is so nice of you. I grew up on Long Island, by the way, and know Commack well. In fact, I told a story on my blog about cutting across the drive-in theatre lot in Commack. I should find it … Here it is:

    How do you like Wisconsin though?

  5. CR: I couldn’t go to Brett’s tour, I have a class on the day he was giving the tour but I’m passing along what you said, it will make his day I think.

    Julia: I’m glad you enjoyed it! And yes, about kindness. Even the smallest gestures can have enormous impact.

  6. I hate Wisconsin this time of year. I’m not big on winter at all and lately they’ve been getting worse. Sigh. But summer is good here, when it gets here. And I’ve been here long enough to be attached to my community. I live vicariously through you and your NYC pics, though. (btw, I know CR – she used to work at our library. – Hi CR!- and I think she might know what I’m saying.) Funny post about Exorcist. I saw it when in nursing school in Albany and had to sleep with the light on for months. I knew that drive-in. Not too far from my house. Wish I could see your concert. I hope you get to the front row!

  7. Oh, poor you. I love winter so I was expecting you to describe Wisconsin as a winter wonderland! The reality is probably very different than my imagination.

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