Christmas Past

I have a cold, so I’m going to go curl up and binge watch Homeland or something. In the meantime, I give you a few shots from my childhood home in Huntington, LI in the 70’s. This is my mother and our dog, Jennet. God, my mother looks like a teenager. This was 1972, so she was 38, but I’d believe it if someone told me she was 20 in this picture.


This is my brother Douglas. Please note the box that says Odyssey in the upper left hand corner. This was a very early home video game. I just googled it. It was the first home video game. I think this shot was from 1973.


My brother Peter in a sling. I don’t remember what happened! Please note the 70’s hair styles my brothers had.


That’s my first love, Chris Baker, and a high school friend named Joanne. That is also the piano I learned to play on. All that music must be mine because I was the only one who ever played. Sigh. I miss having a piano in the house, but not terribly. I didn’t play much when I had one.


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I've written six non-fiction books, the most recent is Damnation Island: Poor, Sick, Mad, and Criminal in 19th-Century New York.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Past

  1. I can definitely see resemblance to your mom! Belated Happy T-Day, spent mine alone with my dogs (had family gathering last weekend).

  2. The next time Finney gives you one of those looks that says “Why did you bring this thing [Bleecker] into our peaceful household?”, just show him a picture of your beautiful Jennet and say, “See? I could have brought in one of these instead. You got off easy.”

    Your brothers look like they could have been teen-age heartthrob sitcom stars of the Seventies! Y’know, like next door neighbours of The Partridge family.

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your cold is getting better.

  3. I’m going to tell them you said that, Nora!

    My cold is still raging, although I don’t have a fever or feel as achey. But it’s not gone, damnit! I haven’t left the house in two days!

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