The Weather in NYC on May 7, 1829

I’m throwing this out there in case someone can help me. I need to find out what the weather was like in New York City on May 7, 1829. I checked every single newspaper on record for New York and not one of them had a weather report. Was this just not done in those days?? I emailed the National Weather … something (it was late and I was tired, I forget who I emailed now!) but if anyone has any ideas I’d be most grateful.

The wonderful Teresa Carpenter, author of New York Diaries, (which, according to Brain Pickings, “is easily the most dynamic and important depiction of the city since E. B. White’s timeless Here Is New York.”) checked for diary entries describing the weather and found something to indicate it was probably cold. If anyone can tell me where I might find more information, that would be great!

It’s been a busy archive-visiting week. Monday I was at the Oskar Diethelm Library at Cornell, (they specialize in the history of psychiatry). Yesterday I was at the Manuscripts and Archives division of the New York Public Library, and today I’m going to the Municipal Archives. In other words, a perfect Stacy week.

This is the New York Public Library but not Manuscripts and Archives. They won’t let you take pictures of the room. I do not know why.

New York Public Library, 2015

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