My Sympathies to the Friends and Family of Tram Thuy Nguyen

March 19th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve been scarce because I’ve been at the Municipal Archives every day, and I’m about to leave now. A picture of some of the boxes I’ve been going through is below.

But I just read about the death of Tram Thuy Nguyen, who was killed by a piece of plywood from a construction site. It just got to me, the randomness of it, and the bluntness of it. You’re walking along, talking on your phone, and pow, you’re dead. It just feels so brutal. I know that happens all the time, and in worse ways, but this was so close to home. This was a street I walk down practically every day.

But the fact that it also happened on that block, and because of work that’s being done to put up luxury housing in place of a much needed and recently torn down hospital. I feel terrible for Tram Thuy Nguyen and her friends and family.

Municipal Archives, New York City

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