Yale International Choral Festival

If you’re going to be in New Haven next week, between June 16th – 20th, you might want to consider stopping by the Yale International Choral Festival. “Each evening will feature a formal concert in Yale’s renowned Sprague Hall, and each day will be filled with lectures, workshops, and masterclasses led by visiting conductors and Yale faculty, including the first Eric Ericson International Choral Centre Conducting 21C masterclass offered outside of Stockholm.”

I’m going to be part of a panel on Tuesday morning, but there are going to be lots of great presenters, including:

Anton Armstrong – St. Olaf College
Jean-Baptiste Bertrand – in terra pax
Marguerite Brooks – Yale University
Thomas Cabaniss – composer, arts educator
Steven Demorest – Northwestern University
André De Quadros – Boston University
Jeffrey Douma – Yale University
TJ Harper – Providence College
Micah Hendler – Jerusalem Youth Chorus
Emily Howe – Boston Children’s Chorus
Lone Larsen – Voces Nordicae
Donald Nally – The Crossing
Francisco Nuñez – Young People’s Chorus of New York City
Julianne Parolisi – Music Therapy Without Borders
Sebastian Ruth – Community MusicWorks
Mollie Stone – Chicago Children’s Choir

Earlier today I crossed paths with Billy on the Street. I adore him but I did my best to become instantly invisible. I’m the kind of person who sometimes needs to ponder my answer, or I freeze, or my mind goes blank. Billy on the Street would scream at someone like me. I’d burst into tears, he’d be on to the next person, it would not be pretty.

Billy on the Street

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2 thoughts on “Yale International Choral Festival

  1. I had somewhat the same reaction when I saw comedian Tom Green walking down an Ottawa street years ago (this is where he started out with his own local cable TV show). I kept my head down and repeated to myself “Don’t look at me! Don’t look at me!” He indeed, did not, look at me. Phew.

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