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July 14th, 2015 Posted in Uncategorized

My rug is coming back from being cleaned today. Backstory: I sprayed it with Febreze and had a horrible allergic reaction, endless coughing, red and swollen eyes. I found an interesting post about Febreze on a site that also had a page listing the best plants for cleaning the air. I went through their list and researched it against another site which listed which plants are toxic to cats. So here are the best plants for cleaning the air that are also safe for cats:

Boston Fern
Areca Palm
Bamboo Palm or Reed Palm
Ficus alii
Lady Palm
Spider Plant

I found a cheap spider plant at Home Depot yesterday. I’m also going to look for a Boston Fern and an Areca Palm, and that should do it for me.

A child must have dropped their stuffed animal. Someone came along and put it up in a tree, where it would be safe, and hopefully where the parents will spot it.

Stuffed Animal in Tree, West Village, New York City

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