Finney’s Collapsed Diabetes Foot

I noticed recently that Finney’s right front paw had collapsed, and it looks like he’s walking on … what seems like the equivalent of an elbow. I thought, ‘Jesus, am I the worse cat owner ever and I completely missed that he broke his leg or something??’ I googled it and it turns out this could be a symptom of diabetes, which Finney was diagnosed with last year. My vet confirmed this possibility, and if he doesn’t seem to be in pain and/or is limping it’s probably from the diabetes.

He doesn’t seem at all bothered by it, although his gait is a little lop-sided. PS: My floors needs sanding. And I love the bowl I got when Mobil moved to Virginia, with the Pegasus on it. I have two. I kick myself every once in a while for not grabbing more.


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4 thoughts on “Finney’s Collapsed Diabetes Foot

  1. That’s really interesting about the diabetes causing Finney’s foot issues.

    I had a diabetic cat, Smokey, who was a Maine Coon mix and weighed more than 20 pounds. The issue with him was never being able to get his diabetes under control. I was using the cat insulin, not Humilin or other pork based insulin since he never reacted well to that. By the end of Smokey’s life (he was 12 when I finally had to put him down), I was using 40 units a day – 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening and still not getting his glucose level below 300. I think most cats use 5 units a day.

  2. Finney is now up to 40 units a day. It’s weird, because it went into remission for a while. I have him on Lantus, which costs a million billion dollars.

    Sorry you had trouble managing Smokey’s diabetes, but 12 isn’t so bad, considering.

  3. No you are not the worst cat owner! How can you notice everything, especially if there is no complaining? Sorry about your teefs. 🙁

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