Canada Shows us How It’s Done

I know I’m late to address this, but here is the video of Justin Trudeau welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada. This should have been us, this is supposedly what we stand for, but I’m glad there is someone and a country and people like this. Thank you Canada for picking up the ball we dropped. Good on you, as they say.

P.S. I think we might have to steal Justin Trudeau. I’m pretty sure he was actually born in America. First there was that cabinet and then his comments about women and now this. Yeah, pretty sure we can find some proof around here somewhere that he’s American.

Update: Now I’m just getting upset about this after seeing Trump’s ugly face on the front of the Times. Canada puts out this wonderful welcoming, tolerant, embracing face to the world, and we put out Trump’s ugly hateful face bleating on about shutting down the borders to all Muslims and calling Mexicans rapists.

The Christmas tree at the Metropolitan Museum, taken from the point of view I had when my choir sang beside it.

Christmas Tree, Metropolitan Museum, 2015

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2 thoughts on “Canada Shows us How It’s Done

  1. You’re welcome. 😉

    Love that tree and its surroundings! Wow. I love Christmas and what it represents, but I have a hard time with the commercialism and the relentless gift-giving. My husband and I have been lamenting that we don’t have presents to give each other this Christmas – things to wrap up and open on the 25th. I finally said, “look, we are atheists and non-commercialists.” (Is that a thing? It should be.) “We are trying to get rid of all our stuff. Let us do what we do anyway, which is to celebrate the turning of the seasons. We mark the passing of each equinox and solstice. Let that be our ‘thing’.” I hate feeling guilty when there is no reason for it.

  2. Yeah. I’ve reached the point where there just aren’t that many things I want, and I’d be happy to have Christmas just be about friends and family and music and FOOD.

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