Thank you Jonathan Kay, Tom Hall, and Sarah Currie

It’s been one of those days. I woke up and our web server was down. And a lot of people aren’t getting my email, except some are. And my land line phone wasn’t working and I had a radio interview scheduled. But the web server is back now, thanks to Jonathan Kay of Alchemy Computer Solutions, and I got the phone working for the interview, which was fun, thank you Tom Hall, the host of Maryland Morning & Choral Arts Classics on WYPR (more about that in another post). I do still seem to have an email issue, however, which is stressing me out.

But I’m going to focus on the incredibly amazing find which came from the great and wonderful Sarah Currie, the Executive Director of the Williamstown Historical Museum. She found something that is going to be invaluable for the book I am working on. I owe Sarah Currie!! Thank you so much!

A President Obama display in a window on Chambers Street, leading up to City Hall, One Police Plaza and, where I was headed, the Municipal Archives. That made me happy. I take issue with some of his actions, but overall he’s been a great president and I can’t believe what he has managed to accomplish given all the people doing everything in their power to stop him. And this last year and a half have been amazing, and continue to be amazing. Go Obama GO!

Obama in the Windows

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