Live From a NYC Polling Site

April 19th, 2016 Posted in Uncategorized

I expected it to be BUSY and it wasn’t so much at my poll site, the Tweed Courthouse. Except I was told that the Tweed site usually gets close to zero, so the steady stream we’re seeing is a TON for them. The busiest time is after work hours, so we shall see what happens then. I can’t wait! I want mobs. Mobs!! Please show up!

My view from the table I’m working (I look up people’s addresses and tell them the Election District table to go to). This is the most beautiful poll site I’ve worked. The building is stunning and my view is lovely and breezy.


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  1. 5 Responses to “Live From a NYC Polling Site”

  2. By christine on Apr 19, 2016

    Hillary won NY by almost 2/3rds! Happiness is a woman president who is more qualified than all the guys. Sorry for seeming to be sexist, I am not. We have waited a very long time to be represented fairly. Is it really possible?

  3. By Stacy Horn on Apr 20, 2016

    It would be so exciting!

  4. By christine on Apr 21, 2016

    Shucks, I got the statistic wrong. But, she won (I was watching the wrong channel).

  5. By Julia on Apr 23, 2016

    I would probably vote for Hillary too but it is too bad she is so mired in her past with Bill. There are so many good people out there. Why are they not running? Okay, don’t answer – I know why. Even when you try to change the system to make it marginally better, it is a tough slog.

    Anyway, good for you for working at the polls!

  6. By Stacy Horn on Apr 25, 2016

    I really messed up answering one person, I cringe every time I think of what I told her and how WRONG it was. Thankfully she figured out how wrong I was and she came back and corrected me.

    Chris, you figure was probably correct at the time you posted it!

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