American Coverage of the Olympics Sucks

I’ll be glued to the Olympics for the duration. But it’s just so frustrating how limited the coverage is here. All the focus is on the American athletes, which I understand, but in some cases they don’t even show the others. It’s insane. I wanted to see the Japanese gymnasts for instance, and all we got was a few seconds of Kohei Uchimura falling. Fucking insane.

Swimming is my favorite to watch, probably because I feel more connected to it because it’s something I do, but also because they’re forced to show all the other competitors. I want to see everyone, damnit. It was exciting seeing Katinka Hosszu break a world record. It was exciting seeing the Campbell sisters kick butt.

Basically, I’m rooting for everyone. Everyone has worked hard, everyone wants to win, so let the best people win, whoever they are, wherever they come from.

I saw these taped to a door in my neighborhood. I think I’ve passed these by about a half a million times and I always thought they were construction notices. It’s the Constitution. It’s funny how they taped a fresh one up, but left the old and tattered one still there.


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3 thoughts on “American Coverage of the Olympics Sucks

  1. Are you streaming any of the coverage? If you are, should have a look at the CBC website & see if you like their coverage any better. I only watch what’s on TV but I think they’re pretty good about not just showing Canadian athletes.

  2. Hey Nora, I was just going to suggest CBC coverage! I confess I am not watching this year, as I have a hard time with the old farts who run the Olympics, and how corrupt they are, like FIFA. They need a big do-over too, put someone else in charge and then you wouldn’t have all the money-grubbing for venues and stuff. I feel bad for the young athletes who have worked so hard to get where they are. The athletes should be the main focus.

    As far as your Constitution goes, I was in Colonial Williamsburg 2 summers ago and as one of the performance pieces they did, someone read the entire Declaration of Independence aloud. It was very moving and I was not surprised to find myself in tears near the beginning. Then, they keep reading and it was like ‘the airing of the grievances’ at Festivus, so that cheered me up a little.

  3. Yeah, the Declaration is moving. We had to memorize the preamble to the Constitution when I was a kid. I can still sorta recite it. I think.

    Thanks for the CBC suggestion, will check it out.

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