Lap Swim Contest Results

I came in third. Out of THREE. Only three people were competing in my division! Ha. That said, I gave it my all, and even though I would have come in third no matter what I swam, I managed to swim 35 miles which is better than I did last year. So, it’s still an accomplishment! Yay me! Third place!! Woohoo!

A young man playing piano at the corner of Bleecker and Christopher. That southeast corner is depressing. Nothing has been in that storefront for many years, and that scaffolding has been up for years as well. I think I have a picture of that corner on this blog somewhere, taken years ago. I would like to try to find it to compare.


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4 thoughts on “Lap Swim Contest Results

  1. Thank you! I meant to post, it was pretty close. First place was 48 miles (she’s the best in the City) and second place was 36 miles.

  2. Congratulations!!! That’s a bit further than the distance around Manhattan Island!!! (I just looked it up on the internet so it must be correct.) I couldn’t swim that far no matter how hard I tried. You are a star!

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