NYC Parks and Recreation Lap Swim Contest

We had the party to celebrate NYC Parks and Recreation’s Lap Swim program this week. As usual, there was a mix-up about who was swimming in the relay race. It happens every year. I was supposed to swim, but they cancelled the heat for my division. I think it was to give the other people a chance to win (kidding.)

This is the Tony D’Apolito team (my pool) taking off. Following that is a picture of my medal. We got medals this year instead of trophies, which they draped around our necks while we stood on a podium, just like the Olympics. I got the equivalent of a bronze medal. Woohoo!!

As always, thank you NYC Parks and Recreation for a wonderful program, and for maintaining these pools so well every year. I love being able to swim. I should say, being able to afford to swim! It’s a fantastic gift, I always feel happy after swimming, and I am extremely grateful.

NYC Parks and Recreation Lap Swim Contest

NYC Parks and Recreation Lap Swim Contest

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