William Kaelin, Jr. I have a ridiculously smart and accomplished cousin!

I plan to brag about my cousin Bill Kaelin at every possible opportunity. He was recently honored with a Lasker Award along with five other researchers. From the Times article: “The Lasker Awards, among the most respected prizes in medicine, will go to six researchers who made major discoveries in physiology and virology, and to a scientist who has tirelessly promoted science education, the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation announced on Tuesday.

“The awards, honoring basic medical research, clinical research and special achievement, each come with a $250,000 prize and a nice omen: 87 Lasker laureates have also won Nobel Prizes.”

He is probably sick of being reminded of this, but whenever I think of Bill I always—and I mean always—remember him as a young boy singing Edelweiss for everyone at our grandparents house. He was so sweet and so earnest. It was a completely sincere and unprecocious performance, (although he clearly must have been an extremely precocious child) and he continues to be a sincere and down to earth, thoroughly sweet adult, who is leading a very meaningful and important life.

A trio of drummers I had the pleasure of passing by the other day.




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