Who is the next Obama?

This is what I’ve decided to focus on. Who will replace Trump in four years? For me it’s Elizabeth Warren, but it might need to be someone younger for the young people. Yes, I know they loved Bernie, and maybe they could love her too, but I just have this sense that they will need someone more fresh out of the box, a firebrand.

I took a little comfort last night listening to subway musicians playing Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Thank you, Mozart. And musicians.

Also took comfort from: Hillary won the popular vote.


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6 thoughts on “Who is the next Obama?

  1. Yeah, the popular vote is a consolation that I hope helps Hillary cope with this tragic turn of affairs. As hard as it is for us, it must be excruciating for her.

    Elizabeth Warren is my kind of nasty woman — she’s really given The Donald the business in the past. I think she could be the next The One.

  2. I think nominating another woman may be another problem with these mid-western macho guys that feel a woman cannot be the Comander in Chief. Maybe in 10 years or so.
    I do love Elizabeth Warren and hope she pushes back hard in the Senate (I know she will – she’s a tigress!) against Trump’s crazier policies.

    I like Julian Castro (Sec. of Urban Dev.) from Texas. But since celebrity appears to be so valued by the electorate, maybe the Dems should go for a star. I wonder if Matt Damon would run or someone like him. Trump opened the door to celebrity and no government experience so who needs a resume or a tax return. No one cares.

  3. I too have had my rant and now will take my comfort in all things that are not politics (since I never liked them). Let’s pray that he will do his best for all Americans and the world around us. It will not happen overnight so lets take a breath and enjoy what we have as a privilege as Americans.

  4. The thing I’m going to miss about Obama is the calmness he brought to a crisis. The most worked up he ever got was over gun control and even then he was very measured and pragmatic. I dread so much when the next crisis occurs – maybe a terror threat – and there is no President Obama to reassure us and comfort the victims families. He always made me feel safe and I will miss that the most. 🙁 I also will miss Michele’s vegetable garden and wonder if Trump will have it removed. Remember when Reagan moved into the White House and removed the solar panels Carter had installed? That is so petty. We’ll see I guess. Sorry, I’m feeling so sad. I’ll snap out of it. 🙂

  5. Not that this has anything to do with ANYTHING, but 2016 just got even worse: Leonard Cohen died today.

  6. Yeah, that was sad. Rebecca, I agree. I will miss Obama’s strength and calmness in a crisis.

    Karen, same. I was never political, and I need a break. I hope for the best about Trump, but if he follows through on even half of his promises there will be a lot of damage to undo.

    Very interesting suggestion of someone like Matt Damon. I mean it’s insane, but we are in insane times and at least he’s a decent human being, and smart.

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