Going Back to Tiffany’s

I went to Tiffany’s last week to get a pair of earrings repaired. I bought them in the 1980s, when I worked there as a holiday temp. They are the smallest of the Elsa Peretti mesh earrings, in silver not gold. They were reasonably priced at the time, especially with my employee discount, but I wouldn’t be able to afford them now. I feel like a wealthy woman owning them!

Tiffany’s is next door to Von Clownstick Tower (backstory: I still cannot bring myself to say the name). To enter Tiffany’s via the front door you are funneled into one of two lines, the other going into whatshisname’s. I avoided the spectacle by going in the side door, but then coming home I was mad at having going to go around the long way, so I went through the other line, where I had to get my bag checked. After he looked inside my backpack, the officer said, “Enjoy Von Clownstick Tower!” He said the name of course, and he was so nice I didn’t have the heart to say, “I’m just taking the most direct route to the subway, I would never, ever in a million years enjoy Von Clownstick Tower.”


There is always a crowd of people and news vans across the street now, staring and taking selfies. I still haven’t accepted that this is really and truly happening. It’s a nightmare from which we will all be awakened or rescued. I’ll be marching on January 21st.


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5 thoughts on “Going Back to Tiffany’s

  1. What a sweet story about your jewelry repair at Tiffany’s. It must be a thrill to own something from there and have it increase in value over the years as well!
    And it is depressing to think of the future of our country in the hands of a maniac……and the people that work in that hotel are just trying to make a living so I guess they deserve our sympathy. I enjoyed the pictures. I heard that Hillary may be thinking of running for NYC mayor. Blasio isn’t too popular I guess. 🙂

  2. I feel your pain on the whole clownstick thing. Gah.

    I discovered this recently:
    and have been enjoying some of these podcasts I never knew existed. I listened to this one:
    and it was pretty fun. Then I scrolled down and listened to the one they did right after the US election. “EMERGENCY POST-TRUMP EPISODE: The Patriarchy Strikes Back. Part One.” While it was uneven, the short speech given near the beginning was quite inspiring. And these are mostly Brits.

    Go watch some of Elizabeth Warren’s speeches!
    Speak truth to power!

  3. Julia, you are so nice. And I agree, listening to Elizabeth Warren gives one hope. I will follow all those links.

    Rebecca, I like De Blasio, but people I respect are very disappointed in him, so I need to pay more attention to what he is and isn’t doing exactly.

  4. Since you are marching on the 21st have you gotten a pink ” Pussyhat” to wear? Here is link https://www.pussyhatproject.com They are knitted and the pattern is pretty simple. Wish I could be there too! Loved Obama’s farewell speech tonight…..


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